Studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 13 loss to the Cowboys

  • DK stands out
  • The defensive mess
  • QB1 was OK

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The Seahawks would have been blown out if not for Geno Smith

Okay, Geno haters, where are you? Oh, never mind, I'm sure you're still out there, furiously mashing out "GIVE DREW A CHANCE" with your Cheeto dust-encrusted thumbs. Oh, I'll admit that Smith made a few bad throws. That happens in football; not every play results in perfection, unlike your line of work, where you never make a single error. What's absolutely maddening is the refusal to acknowledge the exceptional plays the man does make.

Dallas hadn't allowed over 300 yards passing all season. Smith threw for 334 on Thursday night. The Cowboys had allowed just 17 touchdowns through the air in their first 11 games. Geno Smith connected for three scores on his own. And of course, he ran in for another score. Exactly where would this team have been if not for Smith?

Yes, a loss is still a loss, I get it. The Seahawks are 6-6 with two very difficult games ahead of them on the schedule. But tell me, don't you feel the tiniest bit better about this team after this game, as opposed to the Ravens debacle? Smith came out en fuego, as the kids used to say. He had an excellent game for the Seahawks and was truly a stud on this night.

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