Three studs and duds from Seattle Seahawks Week 3 victory over the Panthers

Duds in this game? What were you watching?
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The third stud of Seahawks game 3: the 12s themselves

A lot of teams like to claim they have the best fans in the world. The Cowboys brag about being America's Team, but their fanbase miraculously shrivels to a tenth of its size after their first loss, every single season. The Eagles have great fans, sure, as long as you like to hear more boos a home than you do on the road. As for the Rams, they get, what, 10,000 people to actually stay through the end of their games?

No, if you want to talk about real fans, you're talking about the 12s. Sure, that sounds self-serving, but how many other teams retired a jersey in honor of their fans? How many other fans have registered their celebration on the Richter scale - the famous Beastquake game? The answer, of course, is there is no other fanbase that compares to the 12s.

Need proof, rando Cards fan that wandered onto the wrong site? Well, let's see. When's the last time you Zona fans accounted for over half the penalties that got slapped on your opponent? Because that's what the 12s did to the Panthers on Sunday. Carolina committed 13 penalties, and eight of those were false starts.

I guarantee you a minimum of six were caused solely by the outrageous crowd noise generated by the 12s. Personally, I'd say seven should be credited to the crowd. Bear in mind that two of those were on back-to-back plays, and in another series, the 12s sandwiched three false starts around an incompletion for the Panthers. Pat yourself on the back, 12s; you're studs.

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