Three studs and duds from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 win over the Giants

Make that STUDS in all caps, because we saw a STUD in this game!
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The Seattle Seahawks came out flying on defense versus the Giants Monday night. No one flew higher than rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon. He was the biggest star of the game, but he certainly wasn't the only stud on the field for the Seattle Seahawks big win over New York.

It's been a while since we've seen the Seahawks put on a defensive clinic like this. Like, a long, long while. I'm sure there are still a few curmudgeonly 12s grumbling that the Giants put up 248 yards of offense. They'll argue that this defense can't hold a candle to the Legion of Boom and that it's crazy to compare this squad to that legendary group. I can't dispute that the Hawks allowed 248 yards, and it would be silly to argue that point.

Nor am I arguing that this defense is the new LOB. Well, I might argue that another time. But for now, I'm talking about one game. Take a look at the stats from 2013, clearly the height of the Seahawks' defensive power. Sure enough, Seattle gave up less than 248 yards in seven games. Twice they held the opposition to less than 200, one of those versus the Giants. But notice that they had just one shutout and allowed three points in another game. As the saying goes, scoreboard.

This defense gave up three points while racking up 11 sacks, three fumbles, and two interceptions, including the glorious 97-yard pick-six by their newest star. So, yeah, I'm comfortable saying this was one of their best performances. The only way that happens is with a lot of studs on the field.

The Seattle Seahawks featured wall-to-wall studs on defense

Studs, wall to wall; get it? Yeah, sorry/not sorry. Listen, there's no point in burying the lede on this one. If you don't realize by now that rookie corner Devon Witherspoon was the stud of the game, I have no idea why you're reading an article about the Seahawks Or football. Or sports in general. Witherspoon was recognized as the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance in New York.

In light of how often the national media has overlooked Seattle players so often in the past, I almost wonder if he would have been passed over had this not been the Monday night game, in New York. Yes, I'm aware that Kenneth Walker III won the offensive counterpart last week. But we all know a couple of awards that went to New York players last year, so yeah, still salty about that. For eternity.

So, back to the Stud Supreme of week 4. A lot of 12s were unhappy that the Seahawks took Witherspoon over Jalen Carter in the draft. Carter has been excellent, no doubt. But to put it simply, Witherspoon can do more. He allows the Seahawks' defense to attack in multiple ways. Spoon might blitz, as he did versus the Giants. He only had three QB hits and two sacks, so no big deal. He may stuff the run; two of his seven tackles were for losses. And of course, it's not a good idea to throw in his zip code, as the 97-yard pick-six proved. Yes, Devon Witherspoon can play.

Witherspoon was the star, but the Seahawks defense didn't come to play; they came to annhilate. The rookie corner was just one of four Seattle defenders with a pair of sacks. Uchenna Nwosu, Jordyn Brooks, and Bobby Wagner all put Giants QB Daniel Jones on the ground twice. Wagner had 17 tackles, too, so yeah, he's still good. This is all with Jarran Reed missing half the game, and Jamal Adams being knocked out - almost literally - after just nine plays. This was a team beatdown but there's no doubt who led the destruction. Thank you, Mr. Witherspoon.