Three studs and duds from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 win over the Giants

Make that STUDS in all caps, because we saw a STUD in this game!
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Seattle's patchwork offensive line were all studs in this game

Now let me walk back on all those terrible things I said about the Seahawks offense. I only said that to say this. Consider this: the Seahawks only had two of their starting offensive linemen in the game for five snaps. Rookie Anthony Bradford came in for starter Phil Haynes and played the remaining 50 snaps. Guard Damien Lewis was lost after 12 more plays because the football gods are miserable SOBs sometimes. Starting center Evan Brown took his place and rookie center Olu Oluwatimi took over in the middle. And of course, the "starting" tackles, Jake Curhan and Stone Forsythe, are backups themselves.

No, the Seahawks didn't put up a lot of points. They needed a short field to score one of their TDs. Seven yards qualifies as a short field, right? So, yeah, the Seahawks offense wasn't great. But they were miles better than the Giants.

New York fans bemoan that Saquon Barkley wasn't playing. Yeah, he had 53 yards on 20 carries last year. This Seahawks defense is treating running backs like their kid brothers. You know, slamming them to the ground and daring them to try again. Then pounding them into the turf again. Man, I had a tough childhood.

Ahem. So anyway...the offensive line only gave up two sacks despite the Giants blitzing 30 times. Seattle still got over 100 yards from the running game, led by Walker's 79 yards. It was definitely a strange game, as the offense basically did just enough to give the defense time to go out again and destroy the Giants. They may be backups, but unlike the Giants, they didn't fold under pressure. Forsythe, Brown, Oluwatimi, Bradford, and Curhan were all studs for the Seahawks in week 4. Oh, and the offensive line coach, Andy Dickerson? Can we get that guy a huge raise, like, now?

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