Studs and far too many duds from the Seahawks humiliating Week 17 loss to Steelers

Seattle fell to 8-8 with a loss to Pittsburgh in Week 17.

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Jason Myers was back on track - again

I believe this is as good a time as any to give Seahawks kicker Jason Myers a little love. He's certainly gotten little enough of it this season. Yes, he had a rough start to the season as he converted just three of six field goals in the first two games of 2023. From weeks three through nine, Myers connected on 16 of 17 kicks. He went five for five in two games during that stretch and put Seattle over the top in a ten-point win, along with a three-point win.

He dropped off again in weeks 10 through 12 and missed one kick in each game. The first miss was costly, as he missed a 55-yarder that would have won the contest for Seattle. Funny that no one mentions that he put 10 of the Hawks' 16 points on the board that day.

After he missed a 42-yard kick in the first quarter against Dallas, Myers would go on another tear. By the way, that was only the second kick from 40-49 he'd missed all season. Since then, Myers has gone eight for eight, including three against the Steelers. Two of those kicks came in the critical fourth quarter. Yes, it would have been great if he'd been able to convert on that onside kick. But consider this, 12s. The success rate to recover an onside kick coming into the Hawks New Year's Eve game was a massive 3.2 percent. So it wasn't the best move the Seahawks could have made anyway.

Myers was definitely one of the few studs the Seahawks put on the field for their last home game of the season. Along with Smith, Metcalf, Walker, and Fant, he did more than enough to put a W in the Seahawks ledger for this game. It's a shame that the defense seems to have completely lost their identity this late in the season.

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