Taylor Swift fever seems to infect one Seattle Seahawks coach in Week 4

The entertainer seems to be everywhere these days, including one Seattle coach wearing her gear.


You know you cannot get enough of Taylor Swift, right? She is seemingly everywhere a person looks, creating Swift quakes at Lumen Field and increasing NFL ticket sales just by the rumor she might appear at certain games. Well, one Seattle Seahawks coach made sure there was a Taylor presence on Monday when Seattle played the New York Giants in Week 4.

Before Seattle's game at MetLife Stadium, the stadium where Swift had watched her beau Travis Kelce play for the Kansas City Chiefs the night before, Seahawks associate head coach Carl Smith walked in wearing a Taylor Swift "Eras" t-shirt. Had Smith seen Swift in concert? Is he actually a big fan? Who knows?

Maybe the t-shirt was an attempt by Smith to have Swifties think maybe the Seahawks are OK too and maybe Swift's fanbase will buy a bunch of Seahawks jerseys. Maybe sales won't increase 400 percent like Travis Kelce's jersey did after rumors that he and Swift were dating appeared to be true. Such is the immense power of Swift.

Seattle Seahawks coach Carl Smith wears some Taylor Swift swag

Maybe Carl Smith is a relative of Swift's? He's from California originally and Swift is from Pennsylvania so I guess that possibility exists because both are from planet earth. Or maybe some Swift song is about Smith. There is a huge age difference, though, so that seems unlikely.

Either way, how odd is it than anyone can have as much power as Taylor Swift? When was the last time Carl Smith was even caught on video entering a stadium for any reason whatsoever and then have that video hit social media? Just the simple hint of something Swift-related was enough.

Likely Smith was just having a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. And good for him if he was. The whole Swift obsession is a bit absurd and if he takes a bit advantage of that, he deserves the attention.

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