I'm so thankful the Seahawks gave Drew Lock his chance (a turkey-induced fever dream)

Why start Drew Lock over Geno Smith? Seriously. Why?

Seattle Seahawks QBs Drew Lock and Geno Smith
Seattle Seahawks QBs Drew Lock and Geno Smith / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Sure, Lock could be better, but he has never shown that

So do tell me about how he looked good in preseason, completing passes against the opposition's second-string unit playing vanilla defenses. Tell me again how he just never got a chance in Denver, despite 710 passing attempts in 21 starts. I'll grant you that he didn't have much of a chance as their offense was garbage with any quarterback. But look again at his numbers. The same link shows Lock's percentage of drops and bad throws. Obviously, we're looking at a small sample in Seattle, the reason his fans and the Smith detractors ask for him to "get a chance". He had those chances in Denver and wasn't good. Drop percentages: 5.9, 5.8, and 6.4 percent, followed by 8.3 percent with the Seahawks so far. His bad throw percentages are truly awful: 17.8, 22.9, 22.0, and 41.0 percent.

Now for Geno Smith's numbers. The first two are from minimal attempts, just like Lock this season, as Smith only had 4, then 5 attempts in those seasons. Geno's drop percentages: 0, 0, 0, 3.3, 3.5 percent. Bad throw percentages: 0, 20.0, 14.8, 11.8, and 15.0 percent. That 20 percent, by the way, was out of five passes. By the way, Pro Football Focus' top-rated passer, Tua Tagovailoa, has similar numbers to Smith: drops are 4.3, 4.5, 6.7, and 4.5 percent, while his bad throw percentages are 18.8,16.3, 15.8. and 12.3 percent.

The problem I have with all the crying and rending of clothing for Drew Lock isn't that he absolutely can't do it. It's that time and again when asked to give a shred of evidence that he might be able to play effectively, I just get answers like " I just know it", or "I've got a feeling," or best of all, "shut up" - albeit the last not in such family-friendly terms. Support the players you want to support, absolutely. But at the least, offer some shred of evidence to back your statements. You're showing up for the family dinner with chopped celery in lime jello. It's insubstantial at best, and - gaaah. Just keep it to yourself.

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