Building steam with a grain of salt: 3 things we learned from Seahawks Week 3 victory

"And I would like to be able to continue to let what is inside of me ... I would like for that to come out."
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The Seahawks are a resilient team, and their spirit will take them a long way.

I've been pretty disparaging towards the Seahawks thus far. Part of it is my own personal hang-ups, which I usually do my best to separate from my writing. Really, I just want the team I root for to be successful, like any fan wants, and patterns are starting to emerge that could keep them from winning if they were to allow those patterns to take hold.

But it's also worth noting that in the last two weeks, the Seahawks have not let those patterns define their success as a team. Just when you think they're about to be swallowed by their penchant for 40-yard field goals or frequent coverage busts, they've steeled themselves and vaulted over their opponent with pure firepower and energy.

I can't place where it comes from. KJ Wright has pointed at Devon Witherspoon in back-to-back weeks now, and that's probably fair, given the amount of ball he knows and the sheer impact Witherspoon has had in coverage the last couple of weeks. But it's not just the defense. The offense has stepped it up, as well. Geno's game steps up. The offensive line seems to hold out longer. The front seven gets more disruptive. It's a little bit of everyone.

And it's that kind of energy that carries championship teams. It really does seem as though these guys are starting to believe in each other. That's something that can't be quantified, and to some, it might sound like a bit of a cop-out. But it really does seem as though Pete Carroll has built another team that knows how to play together above all else, and if they can do that while tightening the screws a bit, this really could be a championship-caliber team.

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