In the whisper, in the gale: 3 things we learned from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 win

"I can see it all when I'm sinking."
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I feel for Daniel Jones. I really do. I can remember times when no matter what I did, it felt like I was completely at the mercy of a disinterested universe — when it didn't matter if I went sleepless trying to make something work because the greater forces of the universe (or, in Jones' case, the Seattle Seahawks defense) seemed to conspire to throw anything and everything in front of me to keep my wheels spinning. I like to think we've all had times in our lives where we've felt like that.

Very seldom does that manifest visually, though. The Seahawks didn't just clobber the Giants 24-3 in front of the entire waking country — they swarmed them like they were the eleventh plague of Egypt, the eighth trumpet, the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, whatever biblical superlative that suits your fancy. Seattle tied their franchise record for sacks in a single game, and they made it look easy.

Back to Daniel Jones' perspective for a second, when the forces arrayed against you seem biblical in proportion, it's easy to start feeling claustrophobic — like every move you make is a matter of life and death. From that perspective, everything feels just that much bigger and more menacing, like seeing ghosts, as a certain other New York quarterback famously noted.

What we learned about the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4

Is it fair, then, to say that the Seahawks likely looked bigger and more menacing than perhaps they should have? I'll reserve judgment until I see what they look like against Cleveland and Baltimore, but it's probably a fair assessment that they benefited from a spiraling Giants offense with few healthy bodies and even fewer answers.

That having been said, the Seahawks answered the bell for the third week in a row. The offense wasn't quite as explosive as we've seen it in the last couple of weeks, but the defense more than made up for it by taking advantage of the mismatches they were given. By extension, in the last three weeks, we've now seen both sides of the ball wake up from their dismal first week, both on the ground and through the air. This Seahawks team is dangerously close to playing complete football. So, who joined the club this week?