Three first-year Seahawks who didn't earn a second season in 2024

No surprises here, not if you watched any of the games
Former Seahawks LB Devin Bush
Former Seahawks LB Devin Bush / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Center Evan Brown

The Seahawks brought Brown in from Detroit to compete for the starting center gig last season. Brown had played fairly well in two seasons as a starter for the Lions, although Pro Football Focus (subscription required) graded him demonstrably better as a center in 2021. Detroit didn't need him at center in 2022 as they had Pro Bowler Frank Ragnow returning from injury.

Brown's pass-blocking grade sank from a fine 72.4 at center in 2021 to an abysmal 45.5 at right guard the following season. His pressures increased from just eight at center to 22 at guard in virtually the same number of snaps.

The Seahawks coaching staff, being a fairly intelligent group, saw this and said, we'll just play him at center. They had drafted the nation's best collegiate center in Olu Oluwatimi, but considering Brown's experience in the NFL it wasn't too surprising that the veteran won out. What was surprising is that after a few weeks of solid play, Brown's game began a serious drop.

Some weeks he couldn't pass block, others he couldn't open as much as a crack for the running game. What was stunning is that Seattle never really gave Oluwatimi a chance to step in to show what he could do. He has that chance now as Brown joined Arizona, where former Seahawks go to see their careers die. We see you, L.J. Collier.