Three free agents the Seahawks will regret not signing in 2024

Seattle did not break the bank in free agency this season and they may have missed out on some key free agents.
Patrick Queen with the Baltimore Ravens
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Center Tyler Biadasz

Since trading Pro Bowl center Max Unger in 2015, the Seahawks have not had a center start for more than two consecutive seasons. For almost a decade now, longevity and consistent play in the middle of the offensive line has been a serious issue. And they still refuse to commit serious money to the position.

Tyler Biadasz was my draft crush in the 2020 NFL Draft, and I had a first-round grade on him. He ended up being selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round, and of course, was one of the steals of the draft. Biadasz, a prospect out of Wisconsin (aka Offensive Linemen University), was extremely polished coming out of college and I genuinely thought he could be the long-term franchise center that had alluded Seattle for the past five years.

Fast forward four years later as his rookie contract expires. The Seahawks have moved on from their latest experiment at center, Evan Brown, who was decent at best, but was mediocre for most of the season. Seattle's only option at center was second-year man Olu Oluwatimi, who looked like he'd need a year or two more to develop into a starting-caliber offensive lineman. It was a perfect opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and sign Biadasz as the long-term center.

Shocker, they did not do that. Seattle doesn't pay offensive linemen - what was I thinking? Biadasz ended up signing with Dan Quinn and the Washington Commanders, joining former Seahawk Bobby Wagner. Biadasz, the 2023 Pro Bowler, agreed to a 3-year, $30 million deal with Washington, a contract Seattle could have easily forked over to the young center. Seattle again chose value over proven production, electing to sign Nick Harris to a one-year deal.

For all the great things general manager John Schneider has done for the franchise, he has always had one flaw that irks the heck out of me. He simply doesn't value offensive linemen. Yes, Seattle has drafted an offensive lineman early in drafts, but when it comes time to pay them past their rookie contract, the team has no interest.

And when was the last time Seattle signed a big-name free agent offensive lineman? The last time I can remember the team acquiring a star offensive lineman and investing heavily in them was seven years ago when they traded for tackle Duane Brown.

Unless Nick Harris or Olu take an unexpected huge leap into stardom in 2024, the Seahawks will regret not signing Tyler Biadasz this offseason. The center may be the most important position on the offensive line as they're essentially the quarterback for the line. The revolving door at center has been a serious problem for Seattle over the last decade and it's so painfully obvious. Without a quality center, an offense genuinely cannot produce to its full potential.