Three important reasons why Seahawks next head coach should be Jim Harbaugh

Here is a look at what Jim Harbaugh would bring to the table if the Seahawks brought him to Seattle.
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Jim Harbaugh at this moment has a similar profile to what Pete Carroll had when the Seahawks brought him to Seattle as their next head coach. Both are coming from the college ranks where they had a ton of success after stints in the NFL as a head coach. Each of them dealt with scandal towards the end of their tenures at the universities they coached.

Carroll and Jim Harbaugh are two extraordinarily competitive football coaches. This is why their battles against one another when Harbaugh was the Niners' head coach and Carroll was the Seahawks' head coach were so epic. They are two guys who will do whatever it takes to motivate their players to win a football game.

Each of these two coaches also was not well-liked in the eyes of Seattle sports fans at the times they have been mentioned as potential candidates to be the Seahawks head coach. Pete Carroll had doubters when he came to Seattle, and some questioned his motives after abruptly leaving USC prior to sanctions being handed down by the NCAA. Husky fans also had a negative perception of Carroll because he consistently beat Washington when he was at USC.

Why Jim Harbaugh should be the Seattle Seahawks next head coach

Over time, Pete Carroll gained the trust of Seattle sports fans. Carroll also became a Seattle sports legend after taking the Seahawks on two Super Bowl runs, and winning the first Super Bowl in franchise history. Anyone who did not trust him or like him upon his arrival was won over as he showed Seattle sports fans he was a winner and an incredible leader for the Seattle Seahawks.

Now looking at Jim Harbaugh, Seattle sports fans have a similar distrust and angst for him. Not only did he just beat a great Washington Huskies team, but he was also an antagonist of the Seahawks when he coached the 49ers. However, as Pete Carroll did back in 2010, Jim Harbaugh would bring several key advantages with him to Seattle, should they pick him as the next head coach.