Three important reasons why Seahawks next head coach should be Jim Harbaugh

Here is a look at what Jim Harbaugh would bring to the table if the Seahawks brought him to Seattle.
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Harbaugh advantage No. 2 - Coaching connections

Jim Harbaugh has a ton of coaching connections from his time at Michigan. He had to consistently look for ways to get better to become a national power. Harbaugh went through several different coordinators while at Michigan. In an endless pursuit to not only be able to beat Ohio State, but also be the best in the country.

Should the Seahawks hire him, it would make sense for Harbaugh to bring his entire coaching staff with him to Seattle along with other great assistants he sees fit. This is another important advantage Harbaugh would have over another candidate. Particularly, the assistant coaches who Seattle will also target as part of their head coaching search, will not have the immediate list of guys they can pull from which Harbaugh can.

Whoever becomes that next head coach, needs to be organized and know who they want to work with. There is a ton of work to be done to take this franchise to where they want to be. The Seahawks had a tough time finding the right assistant coaches to work with Pete Carroll for the last several years.

The next coach needs to find assistants who can connect with young players. Jim Harbaugh is in a unique position in that he knows lots of coaches who have been successful working with young players and can have an immediate impact on this team.