Three low-cost free agents for the Seattle Seahawks to sign

Three free agents who can fill roster needs without taking up too much of the salary cap.
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Free agent target No. 2 - Linebacker Bobby Wagner

The Seahawks received good production from veteran linebacker Bobby Wagner this past season. He led the league in tackles with 183 tackles in 2024 and was a force for the Seahawks in the run game. The Seahawks were able to get Bobby Wagner for less than market value in 2023 because the LA Rams were paying $3 million of his contract after cutting him after the 2022 season. Seattle only had to pay Wagner $7 million with incentives in 2023 since the Rams still owed him money.

Now that Wagner is no longer receiving money from the Rams he might want a bigger contract from Seattle this off-season. Wagner had earned a five-year and $50 million contract with the Rams, with $20 million guaranteed, but played just one season for the Rams. Given his age, and struggles in the passing game, Wagner is probably not on the same level as a younger, more athletic linebacker such as Patrick Queen. Wagner's ability to make tackles and come up in the run game still should be rewarded though.

The Seahawks should aim to give Wagner a contract that is respectable for both sides. There is a good possibility for Seattle to bring Wagner back at a reasonable price. A contract in the $5-7 million range for one year with incentives feels right. Bringing Wagner back to Seattle would give the Seahawks a veteran presence in an otherwise young defense. Now that Quandre Diggs is gone, signing Wagner is both affordable and impactful for a defense full of young talent.