Three potential scenarios for the Seattle Seahawks trading Pete Carroll

Coaches have been traded more often in the last four years than almost ever before in the NFL.
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Washington is a mess. They were excellent defensively in 2022, but have been atrocious on that side of the ball in 2023. Offensively, the Commanders have been surprisingly better than expected. Washington got rid of a couple of good defensive players at the trade deadline, too, dooming any hopes they had of winning many games. Washington is now 4-9 but has lost four straight games.

Carroll would be a wise choice for the Commanders to trade for because the Commanders already have a built-in good offensive coordinator in Eric Bieniemy and Carroll would just have to focus on fixing the defense, which is really his passion anyway. The Commanders have one first-round pick, but have two second-round choices and could probably trade back into the first round after giving up their current choice for Carroll.

There is also the option for Seattle to ask for both the Commanders second-round choices instead of the first-round selection, but that would happen only if Seattle is really just going to trade Carroll or fire him. Carroll would also have to want to be traded, though the team holds his rights just as they do any player under contract, but if there is a chance of Carroll proving himself again somewhere else, he might take it.

The biggest question for the Seahawks would be what to do with any first-round pick they get. Choose a quarterback? Get a potentially great edge rusher? Or maybe go kicker. Anything is possible with Seattle.

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