Three reasons Seattle Seahawks should immediately move on from Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams has lost his value to the Seahawks.

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Adams is not a good leader for a young roster

The last reason Seattle needs to move on from Jamal Adams is something cannot be valued in raw statistics. I used to think Jamal Adams was a team-first guy who did not cause too many issues in the locker room. He might showcase his skills while being injured, but at least he was a terrific teammate and one could see him cheering the team on the sidelines.

But maybe there is more to Adams than the glimpses we got of him on the sidelines. Twice this year Adams has acted angrily in a way that is surprising and saddening. Recently, of course, he reacted to a Jets reporters tweet about his poor play against the Cowboys by posting a photo of the reporter's wife on social media with a disparaging remark. Sure, maybe the reporter was a years' long troll toward Adams, but that appeared to all be about Adams' job, which is to play football. Adams cruelly made it personal.

Adams also had to leave Week 4 early - his first game back since Week 1 of 2022 - due to a concussion. After being checked out on the sidelines, Adams was seen screaming at the unaffiliated neurologist who had looked at him and ruled him out and Adams had to be restrained. While Adams' actions could have been from being concussed and not in full control, he has said things since that made it appear as if he was aware of how he was acting.

Jamal Adams simply isn't a voice the Seahawks should want in their locker room. The team is still trying to rebuild some and they have a young roster, especially among cornerbacks who share the DB room with the safeties. Seattle needs different veteran leadership than Adams. And even though Seattle did rework Adams' deal before the beginning of the season, the Seahawks could still release him this coming offseason and save a bit over $6 million.

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