Three Seattle Seahawks already getting disrespected in early Pro Bowl voting

I can understand none being voted in as a starter, but this is ridiculous!

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Bobby Wagner, seventh? Rise up, 12s, and take action!

I'm not about to say that Wagner is great in coverage. He only had a couple of years when you could say that for his game. But in his 12th season, BWagz is still rated as the third-best run defender and the best tackler in the league at inside linebacker. He's also third in the NFL in stops with 49. Yet there he sits in eighth place in the voting. Clearly, the voters have no idea of what they're watching.

If they did, they wouldn't given Seahawks kicker Jason Myers as many votes as he has. Myers stands at seventh in the voting so far. And here I thought I was one of the few supporters he had left. I'm not knocking him, but he's missed seven kicks this year. Yes, four were past 50 yards, but he's simply been too streaky to be named to the Pro Bowl. Leading all Seahawks in voting - at least as far as ranking - is perennial fan favorite Nick Bellore. He ranks sixth on fan voting now.

If you want to address this nonsense yourself, here's the Seahawks link to the Pro Bowl voting site. If you're one of those weirdos who believe the Pro Bowl would be more fun with a few players from other teams, here's the link from the NFL. Alright 12s, you know what to do. Vote like you're electing an alderman in Chicago in the 1960s- early and often!

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