Three Seattle Seahawks to watch against the Washington Commanders in Week 10

The Seahawks are looking to pick themselves up after a devastating defeat in Week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens. These Seahawks need to step up to get them back on track in in Week 10.
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The Seattle Seahawks were crushed in Week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens and are searching for answers as they hobble into Week 10 against the Washington Commanders. Seattle was beaten in each phase of the game this past Sunday, as they took a 37-3 shellacking from the Ravens. Now the Seahawks need to pick up the pieces and come prepared for an important Week 10 matchup with the Washington Commanders.

They can start by doing a better job of protecting Geno Smith. The Seahawks allowed four sacks on Sunday and Geno was under pressure on 49 percent of his pass attempts. No matter who was quarterback on Sunday against the Ravens they would not have had a tough time.

Changing up their offensive line protections will be a must in Week 10 against the Commanders. They also should try to run the ball more and come up with quick pass plays, so Geno can get the ball out faster.

Three Seattle Seahawks to keep an eye on in Week 10

Another important emphasis needs to be on stopping the run. The Seahawks' defense did an incredible job up until Week 9 of being able to stop the run. However, against the Ravens this past week, they allowed a season-high 298 rushing yards.

Obviously, the fact that Baltimore had the ball for over 40 minutes on Sunday was a key factor for the defense giving up big runs in the second half. Still, the Seahawks need to figure out what went wrong and learn how to be better going forward against the run.

Clearly, the Seahawks need to find ways to solve the problems which plagued them in Week 9, and right the ship in Week 10. A new week brings new challenges and an opportunity to turn their season around. Here are three Seahawks to watch as they head into Week 10 against the Washington Commanders: