Three Seattle Seahawks to watch in Week 7 vs. the Arizona Cardinals

The Seahawks are looking to bounce back following a disappointing loss against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Seahawks Player to Watch No. 1 - RB Kenneth Walker III

Kenneth Walker III has been a key part of protecting Geno Smith while the offensive line has been dealing with injuries. Whether as a safety valve in the passing game catching passes out of the backfield, or running the ball with authority, Walker has been taking the pressure off Geno. Last week was a bit of a letdown given Walker rushed for just 62 yards on 19 carries, with one touchdown on the opening drive. Walker also had just three catches for 27 yards in the passing game.

Walker's best game of the season came in Week 3 against the Carolina Panther where he was impactful both in the passing game and in the rushing attack. Walker rushed for 97 yards on 18 carries, with two rushing touchdowns. He also had three big catches for 59 yards receiving on the day.

His performance was much needed against a strong Carolina Panthers front seven. The previous year, the Seahawks struggled against the Panthers' defense in Walker's absence losing 30-24. Walker's big performance in Week 3 helped the Seahawks to a 37-27 victory and showed just how vital he is to the Seahawks' offense.

Though Arizona's (1-5) record is unimpressive, they still have a strong defensive front with 18 sacks on the season tied for ninth in the NFL. Kenneth Walker III needs to have a big game to keep the pressure off Geno Smith. The Arizona Cardinals gave up 179 yards rushing against the Rams back in their Week 6 loss to the Rams. LA exposed Arizona's defense, showing how vulnerable the Cardinals are against the run. Walker and the Seahawks need to exploit this weakness on Sunday, to be effective on offense against the Cardinals.