Three signs that Seahawks could take Bijan Robinson in 2023 NFL draft

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Sign 2: Seahawks are keeping RB group low seemingly intentionally

Seattle has let Travis Homer, Tony Jones, Jr., and Rashaad Penny leave in free agency. That is a lot of players to watch leave with no real plan as to who will take their place. As far as Jones, Jr. goes, he didn't play that much but he still had decent size and didn't turn the ball over. As far as Homer, he was always going to be a backup but the Seahawks assumed he would gain 3-4 yards every run and knew what they were getting.

Penny is the biggest loss, and not only because he could be explosive when healthy. But if Penny were to return in 2023 he would truly be the backup and likely (hopefully?) stay more healthy due to fewer reps. But Seattle didn't seem to want him back as Penny left for the Eagles for just $1,350,000 and only a $100,000 signing bonus. The Seahawks could have easily paid that.

Basically, Seattle not bringing Penny back at such a reduced salary means they have other plans, it seems. Keeping only Walker and Dallas and one other back is clearly not an option. If Pete Carroll hasn't learned that he needs at least four running backs, and more like five, after seeing so many recent years of RBs being injured and having to fall to a fifth option to get serious reps then something is wrong.

Seattle signed many defensive players in free agency and a center in free agency, but no running backs. So many left, however. This would lead to the logical conclusion that the Seahawks are going to take at least two running backs in the 2023 draft and one of those should be Robinson.