Three terrible decisions the Seattle Seahawks made this season

These three decisions may have doomed the Seahawks 2023 season.

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Departure of Seattle's coach

The game of football is not just about the players on the field; it's also about the strategists and mentors behind the scenes. In the intricate dance of coaching decisions, one move that may not be widely discussed but significantly impacted the Seattle Seahawks was the departure of their QB coach, Dave Canales, last offseason. Little did the team realize the ripple effect of this decision as Canales, now the Offensive Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, continues to make waves in guiding quarterbacks to success.

Dave Canales, credited with playing a crucial role in resurrecting quarterback Geno Smith's career, left the Seahawks last offseason to take on the role of Offensive Coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The move seemed like a natural progression for a coach who had demonstrated an aptitude for elevating quarterback performance. However, what the Seahawks may not have fully grasped at the time was the void that Canales' departure would leave behind.

The impact of Canales' absence became glaringly evident as the Seahawks, and Geno Smith, in particular, experienced a downturn in performance compared to the previous season. The synergy that had been cultivated under Canales' guidance seemed to dissipate, leaving a void that proved challenging to fill. The decision to let go of a coach who had played a pivotal role in Geno Smith's career resurgence suddenly looked like a significant oversight.

As if to emphasize the point, we are now witnessing the influence of Dave Canales on the resurgence of another quarterback – Baker Mayfield of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The once-struggling Mayfield has found new life under Canales' coaching, guiding the Bucs to the playoffs and now advancing in the divisional round. The contrast between the fortunes of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield underscores the significance of coaching in shaping a quarterback's trajectory.

It's not uncommon for talented coaches to move on to greater opportunities, and the Seahawks, in their quest for success, have seen their fair share of coaching changes. However, the departure of Dave Canales raises the question of what could have been if he had been allowed to continue his work in Seattle. The decision to let Canales go, even as he shifted roles within the coaching staff, now seems like a missed opportunity for the Seahawks to continue building on the progress they had made.