What time does Round 2 start of the 2024 NFL Draft?

The second and third rounds of the 2024 draft are held on Friday.
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There used to be a time when the NFL would hold its draft on one day. That seems insane now, right? How did they fit all those picks into one day? Plus, the drafts used to be a lot more rounds than only the current seven. But the NFL needs to make its money and they can make more by spreading the draft over several days. So when do Seattle Seahawks fans need to tune in to watch on day two?

Day two of the NFL draft is home to rounds two and three. If you only oddly like the final four rounds of the draft, you will have to wait until day three for that. That will be on Saturday, but at least the start time is earlier. Seahawks fans will need to get up early to see the beginning of round four as it begins at 9 am PT.

If you hated what the Seahawks did in the first round by taking Byron Murphy II at pick 16, you will have to stew for a bit because the second round will not begin until 4 pm PT on Friday. The third round will be held next Friday (That is just a joke; the third round will immediately follow the second round.)

All Seattle Seahawks fans need to know about watching, streaming, and listening to Day 2 of the 2024 NFL draft

As opposed to round one when teams had 10 minutes to think about their lives between each pick, the second round only has seven minutes between the selections. In the third round, that drops to five minutes. (By the way, if you are doing the math at home and seeing a trend then no, the final (and seventh) round will not feature a pick every 7.5 seconds. That would be fun, though.)

Basically, whereas the first round seemingly takes three days to take place, by the end of the third round you will feel as if you are on some kind of speed round. Heck, even the commentators on the networks won't be discussing each pick; there won't be time.

Speaking of the networks, you can watch the second and third rounds of the 2024 NFL draft on ABC, the NFL Network, ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes. If you have a cable subscription, you can stream day 2 of the draft on the ESPN and ABC apps. The NFL+ app will stream the event as well but only if you have a subscription. You can listen to the draft on SiriusXM, Westwood One Sports, and ESPN Radio.

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