Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Commanders in Week 10

The Seattle Seahawks (5-3) limp home to take on struggling a Washington Commanders (4-5) squad.
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Nothing like getting your teeth kicked in to bring you back down the Earth. The Seattle Seahawks got a little taste of reality last week after being demolished by the Baltimore Ravens 37-3. The game was not even close. The score is much better than how the game was actually played. I hate to be a 'hater', but the Seahawks, specifically quarterback Geno Smith, looked like crap.

The 2 biggest takeaways from that game were the Ravens' defense is really good, and (and this is a big 'and') Geno Smith is an average at best quarterback. I hate to be the guy writing this, as I am pulling for Geno. He is so likable, he has shown glimpses of being 'the guy', and when the offense is clicking, it works with Smith under center.

The lucky thing for Seattle is they get to head home after being destroyed, to face a docile Washington Commanders squad. After getting your teeth kicked in, this is the matchup that this team needs to feel better about their season and get back on track. Let's look at the top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Washington Commanders in Week 10.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith needs to ball out

Let's start with the obvious. The first key to victory is Seattle quarterback Geno Smith playing like a starting quarterback. Last game he was terrible. On the season, average at best. I am not jumping on the 'start Drew Lock' bandwagon, though I get why the party started. Geno has the ability to be a stud, and if the Seahawks are going to win, he needs to ball out.

Lucky for Geno he gets to face the Commanders and their horrible pass defense. Washington has allowed 2,274 passing yards (253 per game), 19 touchdowns, and just 6 picks. This is a game that favors Seattle big time. The loaded Seattle wide receiver room, Geno's arm talent, and the powerful running game should be enough to light these fools up.

If Geno does not have a huge game against this subpar squad, I will join the Drew Lock Fan Club and agree that the team's brass should start looking at Lock and if he could still be a franchise quarterback. He does, after all, have a huge arm.