Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Commanders in Week 10

The Seattle Seahawks (5-3) limp home to take on struggling a Washington Commanders (4-5) squad.
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Drew Lock
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Seattle, please don't blow this game

The third key is kind of a plea to the team. Seahawks, please don't blow this game! This is a game that Seattle should win. It's at home against a not-very-good team, and the season is getting to a point where each game is critical. Don't blow this!

The Seahawks needs to play like the better team and take care of business. Plain and simple. Do not choke, no Baltimore hangover, no trap game. The team needs to show up with laser-like focus and just put this garbage team away. I am not sure how else to say this third point/

Good teams win the game they are supposed to, and Seattle is supposed to win this game. The outcome of the game on Sunday will be very telling regarding the direction of the rest of the season. If the team loses, there should be lots of changes to consider (Lock). I predict the Seahawks are going to roll the Commanders, to the tune of 33-13. Let's go boys! Get a dub!

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