Top 5 best Seattle Seahawks uniforms in team history

The Seahawks current uniforms are pretty awesome but the throwback jerseys Seattle will wear in Week 8 are 'fire.'
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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2. Legion of Boom era blue on blue

Richard Sherman
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Steve Dykes/GettyImages

Choosing a number one for this list was incredibly difficult, especially when this uniform exists and floods your memories with some of the best times of being a Seahawks fan. But given the options, the blue on blue feels like a good choice to place second overall in team history.

Unlike the bold decision to be covered in neon green from head to toe, this combination utilized it as a highlight instead, which pops even more against the dark blue. It also works well against the silver, a color that may just blend into a jersey, and just makes for an overall cool vibe for those wearing them.

On top of the aesthetics, the Legion of Boom era created some of the fondest memories that so many Seahawks fans will have forever.

From having a history-making defense and an ascending young quarterback to going to back-to-back Super Bowls and winning one in dominant fashion, these uniforms are the best for more reasons than just their appearance.