The top five games and moments for the Seahawks under Pete Carroll

With the Seahawks moving on from head coach Pete Carroll I give you my top 5 games and moments from the Pete Carroll Era

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2. Seahawks dominate en route to first Super Bowl

For only the second time in their franchise history, the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl. Their opponent was the record-breaking Denver Broncos offense led by MVP Peyton Manning. The big question was could Seattle’s defense slow down the Broncos? Right away the Seahawks showed that Denver was no match for the Seahawks. The first snap of the game the Broncos snapped the ball over Manning’s head for a safety.

Late in the first Kam Chancellor intercepted Peyton Manning which led to a Seahawks touchdown and a 15-0 lead. As the first half was winding down, Peyton Manning was picked off once again. This time it was a pick-six by Malcolm Smith. Smith also recovered a fumble and would go on to be the Super Bowl MVP.

On the opening kickoff of the second half, Percy Harvin took the kickoff 87 yards for the touchdown and it was 29-0. Seattle would add on some more and win 43-8 capturing their first Super Bowl and cementing themselves as one of the best teams ever. It was a game and a moment I’ll never forget.

1. The Tip

This was one of the most highly anticipated championship games. The San Francisco 49ers headed to Seattle to take on the Seahawks with the winner moving on to the Super Bowl. Both teams had a defense that was championship-worthy, a young dual-threat QB to lead their franchises, and head coaches that had a rivalry thanks to their history at the collegiate level.

It was high intensity and high drama. As someone who was a Seahawks fan living in California surrounded by friends who were 49ers fans, there was no sweeter victory than when Richard Sherman made the play of a lifetime by deflecting a Colin Kaepernick throw that was intended for wide receiver Michael Crabtree into the waiting arms of Malcolm Smith and sending the Seahawks to the second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. Following the game, Sherman gave one of the most quoted postgame interviews where he bashed Crabtree.

Both teams had the feeling that the winner of this game was going to go on and win the Super Bowl. Two weeks later the Seahawks hoisted up the Lombardi Trophy. it was the height of an intense rivalry that has gone back and forth with each side dominating the matchup. Let's hope soon we get back to the level of this matchup sooner rather than later.

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