Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals in Week 7

The Seattle Seahawks (3-2) take on the Arizona Cardinals (1-5) at home in a division rivalry game

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The Seattle Seahawks returned from the bye week to face a pretty tough opponent in the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals were just heating up as the Seahawks were just getting healthy, The outcome was the second loss of the season for Seattle. The team welcomes the lowly Arizona Cardinals to town. Our boys must be salivating at the opportunity to get back on track as the Cardinals are 1-5 and are arguably the worst team in the NFL, no joke.

I typically do find any joy in trash-talking another team. I also do not find it good mojo to bash another squad before a game. I simply cannot help myself this week because the Cardinals are just awful. Awful. Sure they beat Dallas earlier this season, and sure they have been in a few games, but they have done what all terrible teams do; they find a way to lose.

The Seahawks should roll the Cardinals and the bird gang had better brace themselves for a beatdown. This is one of those articles that pretty much writes itself. Let's take a look at the top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals in Week 7.

Seattle Seahawks had better not forget who they are playing

Seattle gets to play Arizona this weekend, they need to remember this. Coming off of a tough loss, the team gets to play at home, against a garbage team. Act like it. I get that 'on any given Sunday' blah, blah, blah. But at this point in the season it's time to separate the men from the boys.

Arizona does literally nothing well and gets to do that in front of the 12's. Have fun with that. The Seahawks need to take advantage of the matchup and play at home. If we come out swinging and put the Cards on their heels right away this game should be as good as done. Arizona's best offensive player (not named Kyler Murray - and even then I would argue my point) running back James Connor is on IR and the team is very one-dimensional. All of the matchups favor Seattle.

Remember, good teams win the games that they are supposed to. Seattle has a good team, and they are supposed to win this game.