Top three QB prospects for Seattle Seahawks to consider in 2024 NFL draft

The Seahawks could be interested in adding a new QB in this year's draft.

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QB prospect No. 1 - Bo Nix

Bo Nix had a long and successful college football career at both Auburn and Oregon. Starting 61 games at each of those universities and posting a 149.6 quarterback rating. Nix threw for 113 touchdowns and just 26 INT in his college career. In his senior year at Oregon, Nix threw 45 touchdowns and had only three interceptions. His experience and statistics show Nix is a promising young quarterback for the Seahawks to think about in this year's draft.

Not only is Nix an accurate passer, but also has a unique ability to make plays with his legs. Nix rushed for 1,613 yards in his college career. He scored 38 touchdowns running the football, showing Nix is more than just a pocket passer. His ability to run the ball could be a real weapon in the red zone for opposing defenses to worry about. Being a duel-threat quarterback makes Nix one of the more intriguing quarterbacks in this year's draft.

Currently, Bo Nix is expected to be taken either at the end of the first round or early second round. The Seahawks would likely want to either trade up or trade back to select him if they like what they see from Nix. Taking him at #16 overall would be a bit of a reach for the Seahawks, given there are players who are more talented than Nix on the draft board. What the Seahawks decide to do with their picks will be interesting to follow, if they consider taking a quarterback such as Bo Nix.