3 trades that could transform the Seahawks into Super Bowl contenders in 2024

Could some big trades be in the near future for Seattle?
Three trades that could change the Seahawks' 2024 expectations
Three trades that could change the Seahawks' 2024 expectations / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Seattle Seahawks are currently one of the biggest mysteries in the NFL. After an underwhelming season in 2023, Seattle decided to part ways with long-time head coach Pete Carroll.

Since Mike Macdonald was hired, he has been slowly but surely tailoring the coaching staff and roster to fit what he wants to do in Seattle. Could some big trades be in the future soon?

In order for a team to switch from a good team to a bonafide Super Bowl contender via one trade, the player acquired must be a complete difference-maker. There are only a handful of true difference-makers in the NFL, and only a few of them could theoretically be up for grabs for the right price. With a new head coach and a very tentative roster, here are three trades the Seattle Seahawks could make to transform the team into immediate Super Bowl contenders.

No. 1 - Seattle Seahawks could trade for Jessie Bates III

Arguably, the biggest hole on Seattle's roster currently is safety. The two projected starters are Julian Love and Rayshawn Jenkins. Those two are serviceable safeties; they may be good enough. But are either of those safeties going to singlehandedly win games for the Seahawks? It's not likely. When the Seahawks won their only Super Bowl in 2013, they had an incredible safety duo that created turnovers, laid the boom, and set the tone for the rest of the defense.

Head coach Mike Macdonald has a history of getting the best out of his safeties. For example, in 2023, relatively unknown safety Geno Stone had a historic year under the tutelage and system of then-defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald in Baltimore. Stone amassed seven interceptions for Baltimore and seemed a likely candidate to follow Macdonald to Seattle as his contract expired in 2024.

Interestingly enough, Macdonald didn't seem to have too much interest in bringing Stone to Seattle. Perhaps Macdonald knew Stone had limitations and got the most out of him in Baltimore despite his limitations.

Bringing in a talent like Jessie Bates, with natural smooth instincts and a knack for making a play on the ball, may pique Macdonald's interest more than Stone's. Taking an already-established elite safety and placing him in Macdonald's defense could make for some serious production in the young Seattle secondary. Jessie Bates is a player who makes others around him play better. Bates' presence and leadership made up for a serious lack of talent and experience in Cincinnati's Super Bowl run a couple of short years ago.

Adding Jesse Bates to a secondary with the likes of Devon Witherspoon, Riq Woolen, Tre Brown, and Julian Love under the system and tutelage of Mike Macdonald could catapult the Seahawks' defense into the stratosphere of Super Bowl contenders.