All treats and no tricks: 3 under the radar trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks could boost their already solid defense with any - or all - of these three moves
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The Hawks could add depth and potential starters at corner and edge

A few of the more astute 12s may have skipped ahead to those names in bold, and asked, "Dude, not a single player on offense? The defense is playing great, so why would you go with defenders? Especially in the secondary?" Well, you simply can never have too many cornerbacks, or safeties, for that matter.

How many times have the Seahawks seen a season derailed because of a significant injury in the defensive backfield? Like, what, every third year? Some people get on Jamal Adams as if he enjoys missing time. Somehow they forget that Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman all missed significant games. So, yeah, depth in the secondary is important.

Jaylon Johnson, cornerback, Chicago Bears. As I said, I'm not looking for stars here, but players that can contribute and step up as needed. Johnson is definitely one of those players. At 6'0" and 196 pounds, he has good size for the position. Yes, Riq Woolen is a physical freak, but Tre Brown is just 5'10" and 185, so Johnson is plenty big.

His current Pro Football Focus grade is 85.5 overall, with a coverage grade of 88.1. He's only allowed 10 of 23 targets, forced a fumble, broke up one pass, and made two interceptions in just five games. And he's affordable with a total cap hit of just $3.56 million this year. Sounds like a guy who could compete on the cheap for the Seahawks.

Jonathon Cooper, edge, Denver Broncos. Ah yes, let's raid the Broncos again and shame them, shall we? The 6'4" 257-pound pass rush specialist has seen increased playing time this season, as he already has nearly 80 percent as many snaps this year as in either of his first two seasons. So far this year, Cooper already has 4 sacks, nearly matching his two previous campaigns combined. He has 18 total pressures, which would tie for third behind Jarran Reed and Boye Mafe (19 each).

PFF rates him at 63.7 overall and 75.3 in pass rush. Yeah, the number could be better, but let's not forget they rate Jarran Reed at 64.5 and 69.6 in those same categories. So, yeah. Cooper's current total cap hit is a ridiculously low $965K, and he's under contract through 2024 at just $1.08M. So why would the Broncos move him? I don't know, have you seen the moves they've made in the past couple of years?