Tyler Lockett reveals the one reason he might never leave the Seahawks

Lockett has a huge cap hit in 2025 but he probably is not going anywhere else.
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Tyler Lockett has been with the Seattle Seahawks since the team drafted him in 2015. The idea then was not that Lockett was going to turn into the second-best receiver in franchise history but more than he was a fantastic kick and punt returner who was going to fix a roster hole that Seattle had. In 2015, Seattle seemingly did not have many concerns and even fewer after choosing Lockett.

In his rookie season, Lockett was named First-Team All-Pro as a returner, but his receiving numbers were pedestrian. In fact, not until Lockett's fifth season did he eclipse 71 targets during any season. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, for instance, had 93 targets as a rookie in 2023. But from 2019 through 2022, Lockett was one of the most efficient receivers in the league.

In 2023, his numbers dipped overall even though he got the second-most targets of his career (122). He failed to reach 1,000 yards receiving for the first time since 2018 and has his lowest number of touchdowns (5) since 2017. Lockett's catch rate was 64.8 percent which was his lowest since 2017 and his 11.3 yards per reception was also a second-worst mark.

Tyler Lockett might not play for the Seahawks in 2025 but he could still be part of the team

The receiver will turn 32 years old early in the 2024 season. While this is not old by human standards, for a small NFL receiver who relies on quickness to get open, 32 is ancient. Lockett's 894 receiving yards ranked 35th in the league. Even after Lockett's contract was reworked this offseason, he still has a cap hit of $18,895,000, the 13th-highest among wide receivers. In 2025, the cap number moves to $30,895,000 which is the third-highest.

Lockett has been a great receiver and an even better person in Seattle, but he is not even the 13th-best receiver in the league anymore. He certainly is not third. The Seahawks could release Lockett and save $17 million next offseason. While not many 12s probably want to see Lockett play for another team that is a possibility, except for maybe one key reason.

On a recent episode of the Jim Rome Show, Lockett was asked why he is still with the Seahawks and about the coaching change with the team. Lockett raved about Mike Macdonald and said Macdonald is ultra-focused. Lockett also said the team truly cares about him as a player and as a person. But Lockett also pointed out that his real estate team is the official realtor of the Seahawks.

Lockett runs Liv N Serve Real Estate which is a Seattle area company. Once Lockett does decide to no longer play, he will likely focus much more on his real estate venture and could make a very good living. That the company is already attached to the Seahawks is only going to help him and his company. Lockett playing for another team while having a real estate company be part of the Seahawks would be more than awkward.

Most likely, Tyler Lockett will be living and working in Seattle for many years to come though most of that will not be a player for the Seahawks. 2024 could be his last year as a player, but it may not be his last year with the team.

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