3 UDFAs with best chance to make Seattle Seahawks roster in 2024

Seattle has had no fear making UDFAs an important part of the franchise and 2024 might be no different.
Jack Westover of the Seattle Seahawks
Jack Westover of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Undrafted free agents have helped the Seattle Seahawks win their fair share of games since 2010. Where would Seattle be without players such as Doug Baldwin and Michael Bennett? A lesser franchise, for sure.

In 2023, UDFA Jake Bobo became a fan favorite even before Seattle played a real game. He made the roster, and he produced three total touchdowns last year. Bobo proved he has good hands and will do literally anything, including being a fantastic blocker, to help the team win.

Seattle might very well keep a 2024 UDFA on the roster this year. The team signed a bunch of talent after the draft, and while many of the players might not make the active roster immediately, they could make the practice squad. The players with the best chance to make the Seahawks are as follows.

Three UDFAs with a good chance at making the Seattle Seahawks active roster in 2024

Tight end Jack Westover

In many ways, Westover should be expected to make the Seahawks. Seattle needs another tight end who can catch, as Noah Fant is the only TE who has proven he can be a productive pass catcher at the NFL level. Backup Pharaoh Brown is a great interview and a very good blocker, but he is more of a glorified offensive lineman who is not going to add much in the passing game. Rookie AJ Barner also projects to be more of a blocker.

The other advantage for Westover (as silly tweets like this point out) is that he played under new Seattle offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb when both were at Washington. This means Westover knows what Grubb expects on offense and how he communicates with players. Grubb would also know how to use the tight end best.

Moreover, Seattle likely does not sign Westover as an undrafted free agent unless Grubb has some positive things to say about the tight end. Westover did not get drafted as he hasn't shown to be a good blocker but is too big to be a wide receiver. Grubb will somehow make him work with the Seahawks, though.

Edge rusher Nelson Ceaser

Seattle did not take an edge rusher in the 2024 draft, so, in theory, the edge rusher group is thin. Uchenna Nwosu and Boye Mafe will be the starters, and both should be good. After those two, there is a lot of unknown.

Darrell Taylor has been an inconsistent pass rusher who has never been good against the run. He is entering his final season with the team and needs to prove he can be more well-rounded. Derick Hall was horrible as a rookie in 2023 and needs to prove he can do anything well. Dre'Mont Jones might be transitioning to edge rusher, but he has never played that position before.

Some expected Ceaser to be taken in the 2024 draft, but he somehow fell completely out of it. His production is not in question, though. He had 9.5 sacks in 2023 and 13.5 tackles for loss. Ceaser needs to work on his strength, but he has ample athletic ability to develop. He could also take Taylor's spot on the roster.

Running back George Holani

Seattle will most likely keep three running backs active on game days. This is what most teams do, and for a logical reason. A team should not have to go beyond three backs and probably has one back who is getting most of the carries. Even a third active back is more of a security blanket than a necessity. In 2024, Kenny McIntosh is probably going to be Seattle's RB3.

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That does not mean teams do not carry four running backs on the active 53-man roster. Holani might be inactive on game days but active on the roster. Seattle has learned more than most teams how easily running backs can get injured and have those injuries greatly affect offensive efficiency. The Seahawks cannot afford only to have Kenneth Walker III, Zach Charbonnet, and McIntosh on the roster and then Seattle staffers keep their fingers crossed that nothing happens to those three.

Holani is a three-down kind of back. He isn't going to have explosive speed, and he isn't going to overpower defensive linemen. Not consistently, anyway. But he could grind out yards and catch passes for first downs. He is worth keeping on the roster.

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