4 under-the-radar Seattle Seahawks targets to watch at the NFL Combine

These players might be later-round gems for the Seahawks.

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Linebacker Trevin Wallace, Kentucky

Seattle very well might have to rebuild their entire linebacker group, at least as far as replacing the veteran players who had proven they could do anything in the league. Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, and Devin Bush are all free agents. Wagner might not return because Mike Macdonald might want to get his defense to be a little younger and Wagner will be 34 years old at the start of the 2024 season. Brooks would be great to have back but might be too expensive to re-sign.

There might not be any better athlete among linebackers in the 2024 draft besides Wallace. The 6'2" and 240-pound player has all the raw physical traits to be productive. He will likely run a 4.4 40 or under and could have a vertical jump near 40 inches. He also reportedly squats 600 pounds. There is no reason physically he can't succeed in the NFL.

The issue is that NFL games are won in sprinting contests or by players competing in track events. Wallace will need to gain muscle mass to hold up to NFL blocking and not simply use his speed to get around offensive linemen. That won't last long as linemen would simply use technique and leverage against Wallace.

That does not mean Wallace can't gain muscle while maintaining his speed. Once in an NFL weight training program, he should be able to gain mass anyway. And there is little doubt that his draft stock could improve simply because he will probably put on a show in drills. The Kentucky prospect is expected to go in the first three rounds so if Seattle wants him they might need to make a trade to get their second-round draft pick back.