Updated NFC West standings: Seattle Seahawks remain in same spot after Week 4

Entering their Week 5 bye week, the Seattle Seahawks remain in the same spot of the NFC West despite a spectacular Week 4 performance.
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Winners of three straight, the Seattle Seahawks enter their Week 5 bye week with a lot to be excited about. Not only did this defense just have it's best performance of the season. But, they did so without being at full strenght. The bye week will allow for them to get some much needed rest and fuel up for a tough remaining schedule.

For the rest of the division, not much has changed. The San Francisco 49ers continue to look sturdy with Purdy. The Los Angeles Rams might be better than I am giving them credit for, and the Arizona Cardinals appear to be a scrappy team. There is a chance this division isn't a 2-team race as many anticipated entering the season. All 4 of these NFC West teams have had bright spots within the first quarter of the NFL season.

As the old saying goes, to be the best, you have to beat the best. Outside of Seattle, all three NFC West teams will have a chance to do just that in Week 5. With tough matchups for all three teams, it should be interesting to see how this division changes, if at all, afterward.

Seattle Seahawks remain in 2nd place in the NFC West

. . 1. . . . 49ers Wk 4 NFC West. 4-0. 42.

Through the first quarter of the season, the San Francisco 49ers look like the best team in football. This team is stout on both sides of the ball and their brand of physicality has been on full display thus far. With the amount of weapons on offense, the questions surrounding Brock Purdy's eventual downfall should stop. Kyle Shanahan is an excellent play-caller and has too many chess pieces at his disposal. Granted, they haven't played from behind much so far in the early season. But, they've certainly looked impressive. If they can remain healthy, it is going to be very difficult to knock this team off.

Week 5 Matchup: vs. Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

. Seahawks Wk 4 NFC West. . . . 2. 36. . 3-1.

After three straight victories, many have forgotten the blunder that was Week 1 for the Seattle Seahawks. Finding different ways to win games, this young Seahawks team is continually growing as the season progresses. The regular season is going serve up ample opportunities for this team to figure out who they are. A lot of times, with younger rosters, there are hiccups. While there will certainly be more for the Seahawks, it is very exciting to see how this team has been winning knowing they aren't close unlocking their full potential.

Week 5 Matchup: Bye Week

. 2-2. Rams Wk 4 NFC West. . 51. . . . . 3

I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say I was mistaken about the Los Angeles Rams. But, that win in Week 4 on the road in Indianapolis was impressive. I know the Colts are a young, rebuilding team. However, blowing a 23-0 point lead typically results in disaster, especially for that of a young inexperienced team. While it seemed the Colts were about to complete the comeback, none other than rookie WR Puka Nacua brought the Rams to victory in overtime. Sitting at 2-2 entering Week 5, the Los Angeles Rams should feel confident, mostly because of their star players' return on the horizon.

Week 5 Matchup: vs. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0)

. . 1-3. . 32. . . Cardinals Wk 4 NFC West. 4.

The Arizona Cardinals have continually impressed. Although they are 1-3, this is a team that plays hard and till the end. At the start of the season, I expected this team to be the worst in the league. The same team that just played the undefeated 49ers till the very end. Ultimately, the talent disparity was the reason they lost. The Cardinals just don't have enough good players to close out games against good teams. But, there is no arguing they are heading in the right direction. Regardless of how many games they end up winning.

Week 5 Matchup: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3)

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