Upgrades abound in NFC West edition of first-round 2024 mock draft

With all four NFC West teams having a 1st round pick in this year's draft, we examine which player gives them the best chance of immediately improving their roster.
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Entering the 2024 season, everyone in the NFC West is once again chasing the San Francisco 49ers. Despite a surprise season from the Los Angeles Rams, it is clear that the 49ers are still the top dog in this division. However, that doesn't mean this season will not bring a more competitive NFC West. For the majority of last year, the Arizona Cardinals were without QB Kyler Murray, but Jonathan Gannon did a good job of creating a culture in his first year as head coach.

Speaking of new head coaches, the Seattle Seahawks will have a new man strolling the sidelines on game days for the first time in 14 years. The defensive genius, Mike Macdonald comes over from Baltimore tasked with not only revamping this defense but improving upon the young nucleus of this roster. For all four NFC West teams, the draft is clearly important to the future of each franchise.

For the first time since 2016, all four of these teams will be selecting in the first round. While that certainly can change due to potential trades, as it is currently constructed, each team is presented with an opportunity to find a day-1 starter. Arizona, seeking to be the most opportunistic as they hold two first-round selections.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round - NFC West edition

The most intriguing aspect of this first round in particular for this division is that all four teams are drafting for the future in one way. Or, at least, they have the potential to do so. This means that even though the Rams and Seahawks both have quarterbacks under contract for this season, selecting the quarterback of the future and letting them sit for year 1 isn't out of the realm of possibility.

San Francisco has so few holes on this roster and picks very late in the first round that it would be fair to assume their first-round selection is going to be a developmental piece. The 49ers are actually a team to keep your eye on in potentially adding an additional first-round selection if they were to move off a disgruntled wide receiver. Lastly, the Cardinals, similar to the Seahawks in last year's draft, will be looking to select two players who can serve as the building blocks of a new foundation that is under construction.