Week 17 might have been the end of an era for the Seahawks and Pete Carroll

Seattle is likely to miss the playoffs after only needing to win their final two games to clinch a spot.
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Com-PETE falling on deaf ears

This wasn't just a game where one team didn't have anything to play for and didn't bring the energy. Pittsburgh and Seattle were both fighting for their playoff lives, and it was clear one team got the message from their Hall of Fame head coach, while the other team looked more interested in whether they were going to Cancun or Maui in January. 

I love and respect Pete Carroll. He has brought to Seattle unquestionably the greatest run in Seahawks history. He will go down as a legend and a Hall of Famer. That being said, it is more clear now than ever that his vision, and his voice, have grown stale in the locker room. It feels like it is time for a change, real change.

Mike Shanahan is a two-time Super Bowl champion for the Denver Broncos. A decade after his last title, his voice didn't carry the same weight in Denver, and he was let go. The great Tom Landry fell the same way, and it feels like Bill Belichick is in his final hours with New England. It sucks, but it's a natural part of the game and life. 

If you're not constantly winning, which most of these legends had legendary players at premier positions, it is impossible to stay on top, and extremely difficult to even climb your way back to the top. Pete Carroll has proven in life that he can “Win Forever”, but that doesn't mean he should coach forever.