What are the worst Seahawks jerseys in franchise history?

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Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks / Otto Greule Jr/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have pretty cool uniforms but not all of them have been winners. Christian D'Andrea of For The Win wrote about every NFL team's worst jersey and for the Seahawks, he went with the 2009 swamp green alternates.

For those who don't remember, these jerseys were lime green and then had the Seahawk blue on the shoulders. It was an interesting look and not in a good way. Some might have thought that he was going to go straight for the color rush lime green uniforms and while D'Andrea claimed those are awful, the swamp green alternates won out.

"Don’t get me wrong; the team’s current round of neon green alternates are also a disaster. But this combines an ugly shade of green (for a primary color, at least) and combines it with the crapulence of terrible shoulder panels. This is sub-XFL behavior."

Christian D'Andrea

I do have to say that the comment about these looking like XFL jerseys made me laugh because they really do. Fortunately, we haven't seen the Seahawks bring these jerseys back because they'd look even worse these days.

Seahawks 2009 alternates take the cake for worst jersey

Again, we're fortunate that the Seahawks haven't brought back these monstrosities. The lime green jerseys might not be everyone's cup of tea but when pairing them with the navy blue pants, they look pretty sleek honestly.

These particular uniforms did nothing for anyone, however and it's not surprising that we haven't seen them make a return. Let's hope it stays that way.