Head and the heart: Why Russell Wilson coming back to Seahawks makes zero sense

Russell Wilson is very likely on his way out in Denver but should not end up in Seattle.
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I almost feel bad for Russell Wilson. He isn't a bad person in terms of committing crimes including domestic violence situations, but he does let his ego go uncontrolled sometimes, and that gets him in professional trouble. But after two years with the Denver Broncos, Wilson, the best quarterback in Seattle Seahawks history, is likely about to be let by the Broncos.

Seattle might be looking for a new quarterback in 2024. Does that mean the team should entertain brining Wilson back as QB1 in Seattle? Absolutely not.

I understand the desire of some 12s to do so. The memories of a Russell Wilson comeback, or him making a ridiculously productive play by scrambling around and finding Tyler Lockett or Doug Baldwin, or the beauty of his deep passes are still fresh. Wilson did great things in Seattle, though the team overall got worse when the offense was changed to allow Wilson to throw more which coincided with the defense digressing.

Seattle Seahawks do not need to bring Russell Wilson back

We also should not forget how Wilson left. He was traded because he was no longer a team-first player. He became a me-first player and he reportedly went to Seahawks chairperson Jody Allen in an attempt to get general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll fired. Instead, the Seahawks fired Wilson. Seattle traded Wilson to the Broncos for a bevy of draft picks and a handful of players.

In the 2022 season that followed, Wilson separated himself from the rest of the Broncos by having his own office at Denver headquarters and wanting to run the offense more than he wanted to allow head coach Nathaniel Hackett to do so. The result was Hackett getting fired during the season, Wilson having the worst year of his career, and Denver gifting the Seahawks with a high draft pick because of the Broncos' terrible record.