Why the Seattle Seahawks need to let DK Metcalf continually be himself

Amidst similar struggles with bonehead penalties, the Seattle Seahawks need not change who DK Metcalf is.
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Seattle Seahawks Culture: Relationship-Based

When Pete Carroll made his return to the NFL, he was ready to approach it differently. His dominant reign at USC taught him a lot. He evolved into a team builder, culture creator and most importantly, master motivator. Pete has always done things his way, the unique way. Entering Seattle, Pete displayed that creativity in being yourself by taking chances on guys who didn't work out at other organizations.

The likes of Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett, and a handful of others. Pete Carroll wasn't afraid to take on the risk of bringing in a "disruptive" personality, because he was going to show them they were going to be accepted for who they were. The Legion of Boom era in Seattle was filled with outspoken players. Now, they were able to sustain success for a couple of different reasons. First, they hit on a bunch of draft picks. As a result, they were able to spend big money in free agency because their star quarterback was on a rookie contract.

But, culminating talent doesn't always result in Super Bowls. Coaching matters. Culture matters. Buying into what your head coach is selling is 85 percent of the battle in the NFL. If players aren't bought into the message, chances are, the team will fold like laundry at the first sight of adversity. In Seattle, Pete has been able to continually reinvent himself. In his 14-year tenure with the Seahawks, he's had success pre-Russ, with the Legion of Boom, post-Legion of Boom, and now, post-Russ.

He's been able to do that because he's stayed true to what got him in the position of head coach: uniquely being himself. If Pete was committed to changing his ways to fit the normal mold of a head coach, maybe he wouldn't have the success he's had. But, by empowering his ideas through his players, Pete has proven you can win your own way. A philosophy that Pete Carroll has been bonded to and explained just a year ago:

""We're a relationship based organization. It's all based on dealing with people and seeing them for who they are, trying to help them feel really comfortable in our environment. It's being conscious of really individualized evaluations and assessment, and caring--it has a tremendous amount to do with caring. We realize if we care for people and look after them, like you look after your children, then you're going to give them their best chance to be as good as they can be.""

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks HC

For DK Metcalf, the approach shouldn't be any different. There is no denying he has to be smarter. That he has to be in better control of his emotions. His penalties this year include: taunting, illegal blindside block, unnecessary roughness, face mask, and holding. As alluded to earlier in this thread, the NFL is a violent sport. The game is played with a tremendous amount of emotion. Metcalf, himself has reiterated that remark and sternly said, "I'm not gonna change who I am" moving forward. As he shouldn't.

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