Winners and losers from the NFC West for the 2024 NFL draft

With the 2024 NFL Draft concluded, we determine which NFC West teams won and lost the draft, including grading the selections of all four teams.
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Loser: San Francisco 49ers

Historically, the losing side in the Super Bowl experiences some setbacks in the following season. I think a large concern for this team, in particular, is whether or not they maxed out their potential. Yes, they made the Super Bowl and have had tremendous success over the last couple of seasons. But, maybe they just aren't good enough to actually win the big game.

Followed by trade rumors of both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, you begin to wonder if they are planning for a minor reset on the offensive side. Super Bowl windows are only open for a short period of time, especially when your young quarterback is expecting a payday. With an aging George Kittle, overused Christian McCaffrey, and questions surrounding the secondary, I thought the 49ers would have drafted differently.




1 (31)

WR Ricky Pearsall


2 (32 via KC)

CB Renardo Green

Florida State

3 (23 via PHI)

G Dominick Puni


4 (24 via DAL)

S Malik Mustapha

Wake Forest

4 (29 via DET)

RB Isaac Guerendo


4 (35)

WR Jacob Cowing


6 (39)

OG Jarrett Kingston


7 (31)

LB Tatum Bethune

Florida State

Granted, this team does not have a lot of holes. While they did in fact address positions of need, it just felt out of order or an overreach. I think certain positions that were addressed early could have been addressed later. One of the kryptonites of this team has been health. That, combined with players passed up on had me scratching my head at certain selections.

Head Scratcher: WR Ricky Pearsall

A 5-year college player who transferred from Arizona State to Florida did not seem like the best choice here at 31. With Samuel and Aiyuk remaining on the roster for now, I'm not sure what type of role Pearsall will have in his rookie year. His inability to handle physical cornerbacks can hurt him in the NFL. While I do not doubt the coaching ability of Kyle Shanahan, I just thought San Francisco could have addressed a handful of other needs at this position in the draft.

Best Fit Pick: CB Renardo Green

I will admit, the one pick that I loved was CB Renardo Green out of Florida State. He is a perfect fit for the 49ers defensive scheme. He is a physical pure-press cornerback who compliments a great pass rush. He put his defending skills on tape when facing LSU's Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr. The biggest question mark is how well that will transition over to the NFL. He might face a high volume of penalties, which might cause him to shift his aggression. But, between the play style and fit, I think this was the best pick of the draft for the 49ers.

Grade: C-