Winners and losers from the NFC West for the 2024 NFL draft

With the 2024 NFL Draft concluded, we determine which NFC West teams won and lost the draft, including grading the selections of all four teams.
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Winner: Seattle Seahawks

One of the appealing things about the Seahawks' job upon its opening was the amount of talent it had at various skill positions. This past regular season, the defensive struggles were obvious, but also, the offensive line took a step back. Injuries suffered early in the season by both Charles Cross and Abe Lucas certainly played a role in that. Yet, the Seahawks saw enough to put a heavy emphasis on addressing it this off-season.

Although they didn't have as many picks as the last two drafts, I love how John Schneider tapped into the new identity that Mike Macdonald is trying to bring to this organization. Half of their selections were dedicated to the trenches while using the other four picks on positions of need. Not having a second-round pick affected their grade slightly, but I was very pleased with the draft they had.




1 (16)

DT Byron Murphy II


3 (17 via NO)

G Christian Haynes


4 (18)

LB Tyrice Knight


4 (21 via MIA)

TE AJ Barner


5 (1 via CAR)

CB Nehemiah Pritchett


6 (3 via WAS)

G Sataoa Laumea


6 (16)

CB D.J. James


6 (31 via SF)

T Michael Jerrell


Similar to the Rams, Seattle benefitted from the abundance of offensive picks mid-way through the first round of the draft. They essentially had their choice of defender at pick number 16 and decided to go with the best interior guy in this class, Byron Murphy II. I expect the addition of him to kick Leonard Williams outside more and give Macdonald the power on the edges that he had in Baltimore.

Potential Day 1 Starter: G Christian Haynes

Both guard positions are going to be up for grabs in training camp. Based on what I've heard Macdonald say about the playing style he wants this team to embody, I truly believe Christian Haynes has the capability of being the starting right guard by Week 1. He was a 2x 3rd-team All-American, a four-year starter, and most importantly, - and why he got drafted by Seattle - he looks to hurt the man lined up opposite of him. If he does indeed start from the get-go, he will have his bumps in the road, but I really like the upside of this pick.

Potential Day 3 Steal: CB Nehemiah Pritchett

Even without Pete Carroll, John Schneider targeted the prototypical cornerback we are accustomed to seeing in Seattle: long, physical, and fast. Nehemiah Pritchett was one of the most athletic defensive backs in this draft. The glaring concern with him is poor tackling. Luckily, that is something that can be worked on and improved upon. In spite of that, he has the ideal size and physical ability to compete at a high level in the NFL. I'm trying not to get too excited, but what a physical secondary Seattle can have with him, Spoon, and Riq Woolen.

Grade: B

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