4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks first four games of 2023

  • One DL is playing amazingly well
  • One coach is likely to be replaced soon for a positive reason
  • One edge rusher still struggles

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The Seattle Seahawks are getting some rest this weekend (I hope). Seattle has been a very injured bunch, especially along the offensive line, so a week off should allow most of the banged-up players to return. For instance, left tackle Charles Cross should be back in Week 6 even though right tackle Abraham Lucas still needs to sit out one more game before coming off the injured reserve list.

So the week off allows us to take stock of how the Seahawks have done so far. The team is currently 3-1 and that's probably about what many expected. How they got there might be a bit different, though, as most may have thought Seattle would beat the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 and then lose to the Detroit Lions in Week 2, but the opposite happened.

As far as individual players go, free agent signee Dre'Mont Jones might not have been quite as good as expected, but one player on the defensive line has been fantastic. More on that in just a minute. But let's start with the guy who might be doing the best job on the coaching staff so far.

Seattle Seahawks winner No. 1 - Andy Dickerson

While head coach Pete Carroll has been massively overlooked for year-end coaching awards like...forever, there might be no coach anywhere in the NFL who is doing the miraculous work that Seahawks offensive line coach Andy Dickerson is doing so far this year. There was even a chunk of one game - Week 4 against the New York Giants - that Dickerson didn't have any of his presumed starters getting to play their correct spots. In fact, Evan Brown was the only healthy starter and he had to be moved from center to guard as every other starter else had gotten injured.

And yet still, though Dickerson has not had either of his starting offensive tackles since Week 1 and everyone else has missed a bunch of time (except Brown), Seattle still ranks 12th in yards-per-play (5.4) and Seattle's quarterbacks (mostly Geno Smith) have been sacked just 5.1 percent of the time (sixth-least in the league). Compare what Seattle's banged up offensive line is doing compared to what the New York Giants line is doing and maybe Dickerson gets even more appreciation.

If Dickerson keeps coaching the way he is, the Seahawks are going to need to find a replacement for him. And not because he is doing a bad job, of course, but because some lucky team is going to make him their offensive coordinator. Just throwing this out there, but one potential future option is that Pete Carroll decides to retire, offensive coordinator Shane Waldron takes the HC role and Dickerson moves into the OC position.