4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 16 victory over the Titans

Seattle is now 8-7 and the seventh seed in the NFC playoff hunt.

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Winner No. 2 - Quarterback Geno Smith

Early in the game - and I mean really early such as after the Seahawks' first two drives against the Titans - I saw on social media, especially 12th Man Rising X (or Twitter or whatever you want to call it), that some 12s were already saying that Drew Lock needed to come in and take over for Geno Smith because he was a "statue" or Lock was simply better. Even had Drew Lock started, one should not have judged his entire body of play on two drives.

The issue early in the game for Smith, who wasn't turning the ball over but the team wasn't scoring points either, was that he was under constant pressure. Most of that pressure came from a base four-man rush and many times directly up the middle. No quarterback is going to do well with pressure directly in their face. And "statue," as one person noted on X? No, Smith had nowhere to run.

But a less experienced quarterback might have folded. Smith did not. The red-zone concerns are valid, but maybe because of scheme and design, not the quarterback. Smith finished with a quarterback rating of 104.7 and threw for 227 yards on 25 of 36 passing. He also threw 2 touchdown passes and no picks.

In the second half, Seattle had the ball for just three drives. The Seahawks scored on each one. This included two touchdowns. And not to be outdone by what Drew Lock did at the end of Week 15, Smith led a game-winning touchdown drive that started with 3:21 left and took nearly two and half minutes to run.