Winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks stunning Week 15 victory vs. Eagles

Seattle still has a very real chance to make the playoffs.

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Loser No. 1 - Right guard Anthony Bradford

The Seattle Seahawks offensive line hasn't exactly been great for most of the year, but the unit that went on the field in Week 15 might be the best five Seattle can field. If that is so, then right guard is a wretched issue. To make matters worse, Bradford might be expected to start full-time in 2024. He was chosen in the 2023 NFL Draft and has split time with underperforming Phil Haynes, but the performance Bradford put on against Philadelphia was atrocious.

According to Pro Football Focus, Bradford already was graded as one of the worst pass blockers in the NFL in 2023 ahead of Week 15. He was just OK in run blocking, but there is no shock to me saying that in the NFL a guard needs to be able to run-block and pass-block equally well. Doing one decently and one horribly means that player should sit on the bench.

And Bradford should have been benched during the game against the Eagles because Bradford was greatly struggling with no fix. He allowed one sack, but he also allowed 4 quarterback hurries and 5 total pressures. This was the second game in a row that Bradford had allowed that many pressures. Seattle as a whole only allowed 11 total pressures, so...doing the math, Bradford gave up nearly half of them.

The Seahawks also gave up 9 total hurries, so Bradford allowed almost half of that number, too. Seattle surely won't be keeping Phil Haynes after 2023 and while Bradford will be on the roster, Seattle likely needs to find a new long-term solution at right guard.