Winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks stunning Week 15 victory vs. Eagles

Seattle still has a very real chance to make the playoffs.

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Winner No. 2 - Receiver DK Metcalf

Metcalf might have issues with 15-yard penalties from time to time, but he has become the Seahawks go-to receiver at the end of games this year. Several times this season, including Week 10 against the Washington Commanders and Week 15 against the Eagles, Metcalf has been monumental on game-winning drives. This is the case even if for most of the game he has been really shut down.

The odd part, such as against the Eagles, is that Metcalf isn't getting the ball that much. He only had 3 targets before Seattle's game-winning drive. Then he got 3 more on the drive and made two ridiculous catches. The more underrated one might be a six-yard gain that gave the Seahawks a first down but Metcalf had to keep the ball off the turf and get some help from his leg while rolling on the ground to corral the ball.

The other catch was one no other Seahawks receiver could make because they do not have Metcalf size and strength. On third-and-10, Drew Lock heaved one down the sidelines while Metcalf was double-covered. The ball split the defenders and Metcalf grabbed the ball while also having the awareness of where he was on the field and was able to stay inbounds.

Without that play, Seattle almost definitely does not win the game. The catch was also something true No. 1 receivers make. While Metcalf has 12 fewer catches and 3 fewer targets than Tyler Lockett does in 2023, Metcalf also has 3 more touchdowns and 210 more receiving yards along with 6 more yards per average reception. Catches are nice, but touchdowns and yards are what separates good receivers from great ones.