4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 10 vs. Commanders

  • A receiver steps up late
  • Two cornerbacks have opposite games
  • How was QB1?
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The Seattle Seahawks are 6-3 heading into a winnable game in Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams. Of course, the Rams stomped the Seahawks in Week 1. So, you know, anything can happen.

At least Week 10 was a victory for Seattle. The team dominated the Washington Commanders statistically for much of the game but could never separate much where it mattered most: The scoreboard. But after Week 9's meltdown against the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle will take a win any way it can get it.

On the list of winners and losers from Week 10 I don't have kicker Jason Myers. But maybe I should as Myers made all five of his field goals, including the game-winning kick. Since Week 3, Myers has made 17 of his 18 field goal tries. But here are some other winners and losers from Seattle's 29-26 victory over the Commanders.

Winner No. 1 - Wide receiver DK Metcalf

Lots of fans and websites (including ours) have recently had issues with DK Metcalf's attitude toward picking up 15-yard penalties over the past several years. Metcalf has more penalties for unnecessary roughness, taunting, and unsportsmanlike conduct than any player in the NFL since 2020. That's the bad of DK Metcalf. But the good of Metcalf can far outweigh the bad and he proved that late in Week 10.

In the first half, quarterback Geno Smith seemed to want to force the ball to Metcalf. This has been a common occurrence over the last few weeks. I see the point of that, of course, as Metcalf needs the ball in his hands to do any damage. Smith throwing the ball, especially on third downs that might be picked up by targeting a different receiver, to a not-open Metcalf isn't Metcalf's fault; It's Smith's.

But in the second half, and very much so on the final drive, DK Metcalf showed why he is so dangerous and so needed on the Seattle offense. He picked up 44 yards on two receptions and one each catch he picked up several more yards by dragging defenders with him. On the final catch, he put Seattle in excellent field goal position by gaining about 10 more yards after the catch and with players draped all over him.

Was there some worry he was taking up too much time on the catch? The TV broadcast seemed to think so. But Metcalf left plenty of time for kicker Jason Myers to come on the field and kick the game-winning field goal.