4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 10 vs. Commanders

  • A receiver steps up late
  • Two cornerbacks have opposite games
  • How was QB1?
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Tre Brown
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Loser No. 1 - Cornerback Tre Brown

I like Tre Brown and he certainly deserves to be a starter in Seattle. He is the 19th-highest-graded cornerback in the NFL in 2023, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required). Brown is the highest-graded Seahawks corner in terms of coverage alone. He's been very good, but he wasn't very good against the Washington Commanders.

Brown seemed to struggle with in-routes as the receiver beat him off the line for third down conversions several times. Instead of trying to get inside and not letting his man get to their mark, Brown let the play develop and focus on making a true tackle rather than trying to stop the pass from being completed.

The Commanders targeted Brown 6 times and completed all 6 passes for only 41 yards and only 7 yards after the catch but four of those passes were for first downs in their and relatively short situations. He wasn't giving up explosive plays but he was allowing drives to be kept alive.

Brown will probably be better in the coming weeks. I say that based on how he has played for most of the rest of the season so far. But while Brown had maybe his worst game of 2023, another Seahawks corner may have had their best game.