4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 10 vs. Commanders

  • A receiver steps up late
  • Two cornerbacks have opposite games
  • How was QB1?
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Tariq Woolen
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Winner No. 2 - Cornerback Riq Woolen

For the Seahawks to be great defensively - and don't get me wrong, Seattle is still a long way away from being great - Riq Woolen needs to be as good as he was in his rookie year of 2022. Woolen has allowed a still-decent quarterback rating of 78.4 when targeted this year, but that number looks a lot bigger compared to Woolen's QB rating allowed of 48.7 in 2022.

Some of Woolen's other numbers this season compared to last are about the same, though. For example, he has allowed 51.2 percent of passes to be completed in 2023 and in 2022 that number was 51.5. He is also allowing almost 3 fewer yards per pass completion this year than last.

The problem is he isn't creating the amount of turnovers he did last year (he has 1 interception this year versus 6 last year) and he isn't tackling as well. Woolen was excellent in tackling in 2022 and he didn't mind dishing out some punishment, much the same way that rookie Devon Witherspoon has this year. Woolen has missed 12.9 percent of his tackle attempts in 2023 and a cornerback missing a tackle can lead to more explosive plays than a defensive tackle, for instance.

All of that said, Woolen was great in Week 10. He allowed only 2 completion on 6 targets for 13 yards. His quarterback rating allowed was only 42.4 and he had a pass broken up. No, he didn't have an interception, but he stifled what the Commanders were trying to do when throwing in his direction.