4 winners and losers (hint, mostly losers) from Seattle Seahawks Week 12 loss

  • The head coach did not have his team prepared
  • A surprisingly player stood out
  • A position group could be more productive

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Dee Eskridge
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Winner No. 1 - Receiver/returner Dee Eskridge

Who saw this coming? Dee Eskridge had literally done nothing for his entire career to make a 12 think, "Oh, this guy could really help the team!" But after Week 12 that might be a logical thought in terms of Eskridge. Seattle might have found his special skill. Or maybe they knew the skill and Eskridge simply hasn't been available to prove he could be good at anything.

But while he still hasn't shown he can be a decent receiver, he looks like a potentially very good kick returner. On his first kick return of Week 12, he returned the ball 66 yards. Over the course of four kick returns, Eskridge averaged 35 yards a return. That is excellent. And while I have certainly written many times that Eskridge should not be a part of the roster, he does deserve praise for being one of the very few bright spots against San Francisco.

Of course, doing one thing, even if he does that one thing really well, does not mean Eskridge should stick on the team in 2024, but if he can repeat his kick return performance most weeks, he surely makes an argument he should stick around. Of course, with Eskridge, you can never be sure he will do another good thing for the Seahawks.