5 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 victory over the New York Giants

Seattle is 3-1 entering their 2023 bye week, and here are some notable players from the team's Week 4 game.
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Loser No. 2 - Right guard Phil Haynes

Phil Haynes was a decent player in 2022 when he ended up playing about half of the snaps at right guard for Seattle. He was at least better than Week 1 starter Gabe Jackson. Jackson was released this offseason to make way for Haynes to start in 2023. But Haynes hasn't been any better than rookie Anthony Bradford this year and Haynes, before getting hurt against the Giants, was having an off game with a penalty and a sack allowed.

This year, Haynes has already been penalized four times. He's given up just one sack and, per Pro Football Focus, allowed just one pressure. In almost exactly the same number of snaps (126 for Haynes and 125 for Bradford), Bradford has allowed 3 pressures, but no sacks and he has been penalized twice. Haynes should be much better than Bradford simply by experience, but this is not the case.

After the bye week, the Seahawks might have a decision to make. Should they keep starting Haynes who is only signed to a one-year deal or start Bradford who has at least three more seasons after this one in Seattle? Bradford is a big man and just needs to make sure he is playing with the correct technique in the NFL to be good. Why not give him a chance to learn to be great as he is already playing as well as Haynes?

Or Seattle could go back to rotating snaps at right guard as they did last year. Still, moving forward with Bradford might help the team now and would only help Bradford be better in the future which would help the team as well.